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Author Jill Livingston (us99 Pro) To Join Writers At American Road

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My newly arrived issue of American Road (Vol. VII, Number 3) contained a very brief comment in the “Letters from our Readers” saying that Jill Livingston will be writing for American Road beginning next issue.

I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for that bit of news! :happyguy: Jill Livingston has produced a series of physically small yet hugely interesting and useful books on US99. I discovered her work many years ago when I stopped into a bookstore in Yreka, California and bought a first edition of That Ribbon of Highway. The woman in the store knew Jill and recommended the book. I have since purchased and used her wonderful books (That Ribbon of Highway I, II, and III, and updates) many times. And now she will enlighten us in our favorite magazine! Bravo to American Road for enlisting her.


I know the northern half of US99 fairly well, and Jill has added immeasurably to that knowledge. Her eye for the interesting is unchallenged, and the simple inclusion of maps locating sites of interest make the books a must have guide. If I have the slightest complaint it is that it is tough to find anything to report that she has missed, or skipped over…and that is a compliment to her work.


I egarly await the first installment of her work in American Road!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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I concur...I had the pleasure of actually being able to contribute a couple of postcards to her fine 'That Ribbon of Highway' series. I miss the NW and the brief time I spent exploring old 99 held jus tas much interest for me as TRoute 66 ever did. The country 99 travels through cannot be beat and I hope that Jill's columns can further enlighten me on this old road.

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