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1917 Bodie, Mono Lake, June Lake, Mammoth Lakes Map (us395)

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This is a highly compressed and cropped copy of a hard-to-find or rare original map in my collection. It was printed by the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC), copyright 1917.


Among the places of interest:


The County Poor Farm south of Bridgeport enjoys a marker today (HERE) placed a bit to the north and east of the site at the intersection of Green Lakes Rd and US395. The road in 1909 (and probably in 1917 as well) ran on the east side of the meadow rather than its modern west side alignment (as determined using Google Earth and the wonderful Historic Topographical Maps overlays available there).


Note the Bodie isn't a "ghost town" in 1917.


We have noted in a much earlier post that the highway did not run over Conway summit as it does today, but further east up Bridgeport Canyon. South of Mono Lake the old road ran first to the west, then crossed and ran about a mile east of the modern road. The protuberance that points more or less at June Lake is where the old road went around Mono Craters.


June Lake, where I spent some of my summers in the late 1950’s lacked a marked road to reach it in 1917. And have you noticed that Lee Vining doesn’t exist on the map?


At the bottom of the map, Mammoth Camp is shown. Mammoth Lakes is hardly a “camp” today!! Things do change.




Keep the Show on the Road!



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