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1917 Tahoe, Carson City To Bridgeport Ca Map

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This is a highly compressed and cropped copy of a hard-to-find or rare original map in my collection. It was printed by the Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC), copyright 1917.


If an active forum member needs a better copy, just ask. This copy is reproduced to accompany Sierra Fox’s planned trip this Fall...and for his Grandpa's pleasure.



A few notes:


At the far south is Bridgeport, one of the most charming towns in California. My Dad and I stayed at the Bridgeport Inn in 1961 or 62 after being rained out on a camping trip on Sonora Pass. They had a mountain lion or two in a cage outside the hotel. Note that the Court House is cited on the map…..and as today, it was a grand land mark back then.


Topaz Lake was called Interstate Lake in 1917.


Drivers should keep their eyes on the road but passengers may want to keep their eyes out for John C Fremont’s cannon, abandoned in 1844 somewhere a few miles northward of Devil’s Gate (summit on 395 1.5 miles southbound from Fales). Both Devils Gate and the hot springs at Fales are noted in Fremont’s journal.


The original name of Bridgeport was “Big Meadows” for reasons that are obious as you approach from the north. The 1917 map notes “ford” here but it should have been “fords,” and not of the Henry sort.




Keep the Show on the Road!



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