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Daylight At Tunnel’s End


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Daylight at tunnel’s end


Last week daylight beamed through the Oneonta Tunnel for the first time since 1948.


The tunnel, just east of Multnomah Falls, was built in 1913 as part of the Columbia River Highway. Plugged with rubble in 1948 when it became too narrow for modern-day traffic, the tunnel and the bridge leading up to it – called “the bridge to nowhere” – are being reclaimed as part of the restoration of the Historic Columbia River Highway.


To read the complete article, click here: Daylight at tunnel’s end

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Here is another article regarding the reopening of the Oneonta Tunnel...




Portals open to gorge's past

Oneonta Tunnel, plugged for 60 years, is being restored

Thursday, August 31, 2006



The roar of a backhoe loading rock echoed off the walls of Oneonta Tunnel on Wednesday as workers bring the once-plugged opening on the Historic Columbia River Highway back to life.


In 1948, the state built a bypass around the tunnel when modern-day traffic outgrew the tunnel, filling it with rocks and earth a few years later. And for nearly 60 years, the Oneonta Gorge Creek Bridge seemingly led to nowhere.


But with the old highway's rehabilitation's as a recreational attraction and tourist destination, it's time to undo what was done.


To read the complete article, click here: Portals open to gorge's past

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