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Emily's Drive Info Request


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Thanks to wanderlustjake & Becky who responded to my request but I still missed Emily.


My work schedule had ruled out any hope of trailing Emily through Ohio and I had pretty much put the thought aside. Then, on Friday, I looked over the schedule and realized that it might be possible to connect on Sunday. On Saturday, I decided to make the attempt and looked a bit closer at what was is called a route on Emily's website (http://aliceramsey.org) and discovered that it identified what I assume are daily end points but said nothing about what path might be followed between them. I posted and emailed some requests for better information but I wasn't too concerned. Peninsula, Ohio, Sunday's target, is fairly small and I figured a question or two would get me to the right spot. But no one I spoke with in Peninsula, including the police department, had any idea what I was talking about.


There seemed to be only one possible route through town but they might intend to end the day at the east edge of town. I actually joined Twitter to get theri messages and I did get them. But they didn't help much. They seem to arrive two to three hours after whatever they described occur ed and they contained no location information. I drove east for a bit but couldn't be sure I was on the right route and feared I'd miss them. I was unable to get a usable internet connection through my phone but managed to connecta a couple f times through a restaurant in Peninsula. Late in the afternoon a post appeared on Emily's blog saying their day would end in Aurora. Now I was really confused and at 6:30 gave up and headed home. At 8:30 I received a tweet saying they had "made it" at 7:15 although I'm still not sure where they "made it" to.


There is a natural tendency to blame the Maxwell group for not providing more details but the truth is that had I started looking into things a little earlier I would have seen how little I knew and have had a chance to correct that. This was actual my second attempt to see the Maxwell. The car was scheduled to appear in Canton, Ohio, last fall and I altered a road trip just a bit to be there. But those plans fell through and the car didn't make it. Close but no old car.

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My wife and kids were able to catch them at Snook's yesterday. I was unfortunately unable to go, that work before play thing. They were excited to meet and talk to them. Everyone there was extremely friendly. Thank You to Snook's for providing a fitting environment and the reception (teenage boys ALWAYS appreciate food). They also enjoyed the museum, after seeing the race cars we're talking about catching a vintage race. Our youngest was lucky enough to be interviewed by the film crew, hopefully he makes the cut. I'll try to post a couple pictures soon.



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Glad your family got to connect. Apparently taking the inititive and seeking them out is what's required.

The specifics do seem to be a mystery plus I think when they have car troubles they're picking up and trailering.

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