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Refencing An Abandoned Road In Gettysburg

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Mostly we talk about roads that were built for cars, but the Park Service in Gettysburg is marking an old road that went through the battlefield (the northern part of the Picketts Charge field). The blog Gettysburg Daily covers a bunch of different subjects going on in the park and town. In a recent post, they documented not only the old trace of Long Lane, but also the efforts to mark it.


It's not what we normally cover, but it's interesting nonetheless.


You can check that out here:



There is also another, older road that goes through what was going to becoming Gettysburg. I think it was the Great Wagon Road, which was later used by Forbes Road. There are old traces of it east of town.


So anyway, hopefully someone will appreciate this.



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Hi Eric,


Interesting post. I think you'll appreciate the article that we have appearing in the Summer 2009 issue of American Road about the old Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage Road - aka the Cheyenne to Deadwood Stage Road - and aka the Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage and Express Line (obviously originally traveled by stagecoach).


You may read short excerpts from the Cheyenne-Black Hills Stage Road article and the other features in the Summer 2009 issue (mailing from the printer this week to subscribers) at: http://americanroadmagazine.com/sample_iss...mple_issue.html ARv7n2frontcover.jpg



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