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Alex Burr - hester_nec

Hudson Dealerships

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One of our Hudson car club members, Sarah Young, has, among other things on her Hudson Jet web site, a long list of Hudson dealerships from over the years.


It's not so much the fact that she has this listing, but many are accompanied by pictures of the buildings - and I thought maybe some of our American Road group might enjoy seeing some of these old buildings along the old highways - and if you are planning a road trip it will give you something to look for along the way.


The site is @ http://www.hudsonjet.net/ - click on the dealership links. And if you know of any that you've come across, drop me an email @ hudsontech@hetclub.org - I'll pass them along to Sarah and to Sheldon Rody, who is currently upgrading a book of Hudson dealers world wide.


Thanks - and enjoy.



Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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