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Ocean To Ocean Hwy Bridge

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As you travel I-8 from Winterhaven, CA to Yuma, AZ you will see a couple of old bridges to the east. At night the Ocean to Ocean Hwy Bridge is lite up and very pretty seeing as how it was made in 1915. This is the first bridge build across the Colorado River and for the first time a car could drive across the Southern USA without getting on a ferry. It was desgned in Washington by government engineers who knew nothing of the unpredictable Colorado River.





The historic marker near the bridge the tells of the problems building it.




A picture taken on the Yuma side shows how the bridges are today. The bridge on the right is a rail

road bridge build in 1923 and is still used today on the main line. The Ocean to Ocean bridge is now

a one way bridge with a traffic signial light.




Another picture of the bridge today.




A close up of the date marker on the railroad bridge













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That was a fast reply Moblene.


When I clicked on your Google Earth link, it brought me to Winterhaven about a mile or so away.


Try putting 32 43.717 N 114 36.939 W in the "fly to box".




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That's it, Dale, your coordinates worked.


That's the second time this week I've zeroed in on a place in Google Maps, shared the link, TESTED the link to see it worked, shared the link, and then received feedback that the link wasn't pointing to where I pointed it anymore.

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