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Syndicated Pbs Tv Show On The Lincoln Highway


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As many of you know I have been fixated on the Lincoln Highway for the last 15 years or so,

and my obsessive-compulsive personality has led to the largest collection of Lincoln Highway

ephemera which I plan to donate to the University of Michigan, Special Collections Library.

Additionally, I became a Director of the Lincoln Highway Association, and am currently the

Vice-President. http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/


I wanted to let you know about a nationally syndicated PBS show that will air tomorrow, and

repeat on Friday on the Lincoln Highway. I hope you have a chance to view this show, as

it is an enjoyable and educational look at the Father Road. Well, they cut my footage, but

they did include a graphic of my 1920's Oakland - San Francisco Ferry ticket, and I am included

in the final credits. Most of the folks on the show are good friends of mine I have made all across

the country.


A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, PBS, Wednesday, 10/29/2009 at 8:00 pm




Please check for local listings - enjoy!


I just found out about this link that has some of my cut footage - Rules of the Road and

Green Chille Rant. Go to this page and click on my name.....




Please forward to anyone you think may enjoy this TV show - thanks.


yer pal,


Russell aka ypsi-slim

Russell S. Rein


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Thanks for the reminder! I'll be watching!


BTW, enjoyed your Green Chili promo!


The fellow describing Thomas was right on. I recall reading a local Utah newspaper account of the Sheriff going out to try to catch him (or someone doing the same thing) "in the act," diverting the water into the road.


Keep the Show on the Road!



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