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Not Really A Highway, But A Good Tour None The Less...


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.....thought I would share.


Last weekend, I met some friends for scenic tour of the area around La Grand, OR. We decided on a tour of the Harris Mountain area and FS Rd 6220Rock Toy and the missus, Rubicon Rod and myself left the McDonalds about 0915 after deciding where to go. Ron, Donna, and Rod:




Rock Toy's Blazer:




Rod's Rubicon - I rode with Rod rather than take a chance with a tire problem on the truck:




We headed up into the Wallowa Mountains around Mt. Harris. It was a hazy day, but the views were still spectacular from the first stop:






The road from whence we came:




And the road yet to be traveled:




This is not a very good picture, but the there were many different colors in the forest - and several shades of green:




Rod on the rocks at Prominence Point (I think that is right):




More of the road yet to be traveled:





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This was a scenic tour and we had no really tough 4wd situations, however we did hit some mud that would have most likely stopped the average front driver........


Now for the scenery, we stopped for lunch at a FS Fire watch tower along FS Road 6220. This was worth the trip for the views from here.........










And don't ever let 'em tell you there is no such thing as bigfoot........we got a picture.........!




This forest must be full of food as this specimen has already taken on his fat for the winter............! :laugh:


It was a great day and we met some great people. Ron and Donna, it was a pleasure and I hope we can do it again in the near future. Thanks to Rod for hauling me around!


Almost forgot.......we found a little Jeep history on the way down the hill.........




It's a 46 2A with a ..........




....yep a real 283. It started on the first hole and sounded just like an old Chevy is supposed to sound!




Call the owner Ron if you are interested. He wanted me to know he is a wheeler Dealer, so he would probably take any "interesting" trade!


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You were in one of our favorite areas Cove, Elgin, Union, and eastward to Enterprise, Joseph, the Wallows....but I have never been on FS 6220. Some of it looks like it is a nice graveled forest service access road, and some looks like it needs a bit of high clearance.


Believe it or not, when I was a "youngin" we traveled roads like those around Bend Oregon in a Buick convertible with a skid plate over the transmission and oil pan! You stopped when you heard it start scraping. Then I traded it for a Toyota Land Cruiser, and got into more serious trouble going where I should have turned back!


Looked like you had fun!! And the specimen could be me....of course I'm just retaining water (er... burgers)!


Keep the Show on the Road!




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