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    Clason's Touring Atlas

    From the album: 9000 Miles In A Knight

    Clason's Touring Atlas had been in publication for several years by 1930. By that year, highways had been under tremendous improvement, most importantly in the installation of route signs. Pavement was almost secondary in importance to the ability to find your way across country. In fact, on the MacHenry's 9000-mile road trip, nearly 4000 miles were on graded dirt or gravel roads.
  2. Parkbear

    9000 Miles In A Knight

    On May 18, 1930, the MacHenry family set out on a 9000-mile road trip across America. Pearl MacHenry's journal, scrapbook of photos, postcards and brochures, and maps from Clason's Touring Atlas documented the trip.
  3. Parkbear

    Pearl MacHenry and the Willys-Knight

    From the album: 9000 Miles In A Knight

    This picture of Pearl MacHenry was taken at the beginning of her family's road trip. It is the only photo of the family car: a 1927 or 1928 Willys-Knight Model 70-A which had a 53 horsepower, 6-cylinder engine.

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