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  1. Well, it's not ACTUALLY on the Route, but considered the end anyway.


    The Long Beach Press-Telegram had an article about the centennial of the commencement of the pier's construction this year.


    Some interesting things about it:


    Originally built to carry sewage out to Pacific.

    Four million visitors a year.


    Pacific Wheel Ferris Wheel has been dismantled and a new one up by end of month.

    Opened September 9, 1909, after 16 months construction.


    1910- carousel opened

    1916- another pier built next to it.

    1924- LaMonica Ballroom opened.


    1924 to Depression considered to be biggest times.

    1983 storm tore off huge chunks of it and plans made for demolition, but preservation group saved it.


    Aren't we happy that they did?


    Wadin' in the Cold, Cold Pacific. --RoadDog

  2. IRVINE ROBBINS, 90 Died May 6th.


    Co-founded the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Empire with brother-in-law.


    Noted for coming up with different ice cream concoctions. Started in LA after WW II after cashing in a bar mitzvah insurance policy for $6000.


    1958-- when Dodgers came to LA, came out with Baseball Nut-- with raspberries for umpires.


    Shall we have 31 days of mourning?

  3. What with Big Oil raising the prices up to the $4 level and above (how about the deals they now offer when you get their credit card?) it becomes necessary to consider staying closer to home.


    The May 11th Southtown Star, that serves Chicago's southern suburbs, had a great article bt Tom Houlihan called "Roadtrips don't have to empty your pockets."


    He made a list of local roads and some places to visit along the way.


    A synopsis:


    DIXIE HIGHWAY-- from Blue Island, once part of a historic 1914 road system from Chicago to Florida; Joins Lincoln Highway in Chicago Hts. Suggests the Hi-Way Bakery in South Chicago Hts, been in business for 70 years with art deco sign.


    US ROUTES 12 and 20-- 20 goes coast-to-coast. US-12 Detroit to Washington state. Suggests Sabre Room in Hickory Hills, Wolf's Bakery in Evergreen Park, Palermo's Pizza in Oaktown, and Top Notch Beefburgers in Chicago's Beverly community.


    US-30-- Indiana line to Joliet-- looks much the same as it did 50 years ago (I don't know if I'd say that), but, with 50 TIMES MORE TRAFFIC (I'd agree with that)!!!


    Suggests Carla's Restaurant in Chicago Heights-- old-time Italian eatery where waitresses still call you "Hun."


    Interesting article. Perhaps some of you more technologically folk can find the url.


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  4. I know'd it, I know'd It, I Know'd It.


    A station here in Fox Lake, Illinois, had premium gas at $4.03. They are still one of the places that pumps your gas though, so I guess you're paying for the convenience.


    One station is at $3.66 and the others at $3.70.

  5. Big Oil is in a feeding frenzy to hit the "magical" $4 a gallon mark. The FINAL PUSH has arrived.


    Gas here in Fox Lake, Illinois, was $3.43 Monday, $3.52 Tuesday, $3.55 yesterday, and now it is $3.66 today!! Unbelievable. Talk about your rocket up!!!


    I had to drive to nearby Mundelein tonight and saw one station at $3.70 for regular, $3.85 for premium, and $4.24 for diesel.


    And yet, the govenment does nothing.


    Has it jumped this much by you?

  6. US-52 is quite the trip. I've been on it in parts of Illinois and in Iowa.


    A few years ago, I took it all the way from Joliet to Winston Salem. The stretch from Metamora, Indiana, and along the Ohio River in Ohio is impressive. I wasn't so impressed with West Virginia's mileage. However, Virginia and North Carolina made up for it.


    I'd like to go from end-to-end someday if we ever get Big Oil under control.

  7. I liked the "Spring Box" as well. Kind of makes the travel regular. I imagine people dipped items into it to get the water.


    I had to wait about 5-10 minutes to cross the dam area at Vandalia because of a one lane.


    I am a BIG Buffalo Springfield fan. I didn't know that. Probably passed the old building if it is still standing and downtown as I had to drive around awhile to find a "free" parking space when I went to the BW3.


    Greta food at Clark's in Jacksontown. Chicken and pies.

  8. This Friday, the wife and I will do Route 66 from Dwight to Springfield. We'll be stopping at sites along the way.


    Saturday, we'll be staying at the Hilton and I'll be attending the Illinois Sons of Confederate Veterans annual meeting, then we'll enjoy the downtown nightlife.


    Sunday, we'll head south to Scotty's in Hamel for the Rt. 66 Assoc. of Illinois' quarterly meeting and spending the night.


    Monday and Tuesday we'll be back on Springfield for Cozy Dog's, NTN, Bill Shea, and horseshoes.

  9. What will e-Bay auction off next? First, it was a corn flake shaped like Illinois. Now YOU can become the PROUD OWNER of Berwyn's "Spindle" for an opening bid of $50,000 and $100,000 shipping.


    Check out e-Bay's "Spindle Art Work in Berwyn, Illinois."


    I should get it an put it up in my backyard. Wonder what the hawks of the subdivision association would say about that?


    Who's Got $50,000 Lying Around. --RoadDog

  10. WALLY BRONNER (1927-2008)


    Founded Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan


    Wally Bronner, 81, died April 1st. He founded what is billed as the World's Largest Christmas Store in 1954 after starting a sign-painting business in his parents' basement. Later, he added float decorating fair booths and store windows to his business.


    In 1951, he met with merchants from Clare, Mi, who were looking for Christmas lamppost decorations. From there, he started doing the same for other towns.


    In 1954, he an his wife Irene, opened their first store in downtown Frankenmuth, and then two more buildings were purchased in 1966 and 1971. The three stores became so congested on fall weekends that he had to hire doormen to control the crowds.


    In 1977. he consolidated the three stores into one big one on 45 acres on Frankenmuth's southside. Today, the store has grown to cover five football fields worth of space.




    Quite a rags to riches story. Unfortunately, I have never been to this store. If anyone's been there, tell me about it.

  11. What sections of Ohio's NR will you be traveling? I'm guessing it will be during the week but if it's the western bits and it happens to be on a weekend, maybe we can connect. If not, stop by Bunkers in Vandalia for some NTN and tell Matt I said "Hi".


    And don't forget we have a "Y" to go with those "S"es.


    Drove from Cambridge to Vandalia, except through Columbus.


    Wasn't sure about the "Y", but now know. I went to the overlook park to view the "Y" Bridge in Zanesville after driving over it. Wouldn't you know that the battery in the camera would die at that moment. Had to go to Wal Mart to get new lithium. Pretty expensive stuff.


    The impressive courthouse in Zanesville reminded me a lot of the one in Pontiac, Illinois.


    Definitely liked Bunkers, but Matt wasn't there and the bartender didn't know who he was. Great NTN place. Also stopped at the BW3 in downtown Springfield, while looking at the historic buildings. I didn't even know Ohio had a Springfield.


    I'll definitely do this stretch again.

  12. After 12 years of effort, a 7.1 mile section of Cal-84 along Niles Canyon Road between Mission Blvd. and I-680 has become a California Scenic Highway. An April 15th ceremony will be held to dedicate it in Sunol across from the historic railroad station.


    Part of the original transcontinental Railroad runs along the route as well. This well-preserved section is operated by the Pacific Locomotive Association to run their Niles Canyon Railway between Sunol and Niles.


    There are not many scenic highways in the Bay Area. One is State Route 24 east of Caldecott Tunnel to I-680, and two others are along stretches of I-680. It would seem that this I-680 must be quite an accomplishment in construction.

  13. I'm in North Carolina right now and next week will be driving on the National Road across a lot of Ohio.


    I stopped at the I-70 Ohio Welcome Center on my way here and was aamazed at the Ohio Tourist Guide to the National Road. This should serve as the bellweather for state guides to any historic road.


    Gonna see some S bridges.

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