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  1. Here are the songs Stroud played. ?= see if you can guess


    2120 South Michigan Ave.-- Stones

    Ventura Highway-- America

    Easy Street-- Edgar Winter group-- Never heard of this one before

    On the Road-- ? not Willie

    Expressway to Your Heart-- ?

    Highway 61 Revisited-- ?

    The Long and Winding Road-- Beatles

    Why Don't We Do It in the Road-- Beatles

    Carefree Highway-- ?

    Take the Highway-- ?

    The E Street Shuffle- Bruce

    Tobacco Road-- ?

    Route 66-- Rolling Stones

    Main Street-- ?

    Love Street-- Doors

    On Broadway-- George Benson

    Wall Street Shuffle-- ?

    The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)-- ?

    Country Road-- ?

    Gasoline Alley-- ?

    Lake Shore Drive-- ?


    He started off and ended up with noted Chicago roads. Anyone know what's located at 2120 S. Michigan Avenue?

  2. Came across a Lit Life column in the June 15th Chicago tribune by Julia Keller. It was titled "Best company for a road trip."


    She pretty-well summed it up, even if I had to look up the words vagaries (thought I knew its meaning) and vicissitudes (couldn't even pronounce it). Hey, increased my vocab!!!


    You can search for it by her name and the title.


    I especially liked the "distinctive as a grubby thumbprint" analogy.


    My idea exactly. I just couldn't say it as well.

  3. Bob Stroud, on Chicago's Drive radio station, will be featuring songs of the road this Sunday on his Rock and Roll Roots show from 7 to 10 am, CST.


    If you're like me, I cant imagine driving down da road without my tunes. They go hand-in-hand.


    Bob is always very inciteful with his comments, so well worth a listen.


    You can get the live stream at www.wdrv.com.

  4. Shaw's Bar now a Route 66 Place.


    After the Friday and Saturday night gatherings of 66ers at Shaw's, I'd say those good folks are smitten as well.


    We missed Friday's get-together as we didn't know about it, but had seen the Route 66 shield outside on our way into town and decided to check them out after that great Beatles tribute band, the Cavern Beat. Stopped at the Passport Lounge for some of the WORST karaoke ever, and were on our way to Shaw's when we espied a guy on a bicycle driving very erratically and decided not to pass him and went back to the motel.


    Wonder if Denny got any alcoholic beverages from his liquor store there in Litchfield?

  5. After crossing the Chain of Rocks bridge yesterday, Liz and I finally got around to eating at a Hen House located in Pontoon Beach, right off I-270 and Route 66, across from the old Bel Aire Drive In sign. Great breakfst and some really good biscuits and gravy. It's sort of like a small Cracker Barrel, and you even have those little wooden IQ gsmes where you try to jump the pieces and end up with just one. Spent too much time with this maddening object. They even have a gift shop and guess what, you can buy one of these maddening games.


    Talked with the manager who also is in charge of the five remaining Hen Houses, all in Illinois. There is also another one south of Springfield off I-55 and Route 66, and, Chenoa Family Restaurant, closer to Chicago, was also a Hen House. He told me the chain started in 1969 and at one time had 42 restaurants spread across five states. They are painted red and have distinctive architecture.


    So. Next Time in Illinois, Eat at the Hen. --RoadDog

  6. Met up with Denny at the authors area inside the Ford dealership. Quite a few writers in attendance, including David Wickline frpm whom I bought his new "Images of 66, Vol. II", Dave Clark (the Windy City Road Warrior) and Michael Wallis. Denny knows that I am a Prairie Dog, a Big Fan of Pure Prairie League. He gave me a copy of a Goshorn Brothers CD. T. Goshorn wrote my theme song, "Two Lane Highway" which is a PPP favorite. They often play near where Denny lives. Thanks, Denny.


    Last night, they had the excellemt Beatles tribute band, the Cavern Beat. I don't know about the rest of you, but my favorite Beatles music came before Sgt. Pepper's, and this is what they played. From a distance they could have been the Beatles. Today, Kevan, a young Elvis, was on stage.


    Lots of old cars as well. Good-sized crowd as well.


    Good Times on the Old Double Six. --RoadDog

  7. We'll probably spend Thursday night somewhere nearer to St. Louis and play some NTN at Belleville, Fairview Hts. Thinking about crossing the CoR Bridge Friday morning.


    We'll be staying at the Best Value Inn across Route 66 from the Ariston. It was a Best Western during the Route 66 days.


    We'll have to get together.

  8. Two Food Innovators



    Neal Baker, 84, founded Baker's Drive-Thru restaurants in California, today a regional 36 store chain. Helped the McDonald Brothers build the first McDonald's store in San Bernardino. Later, he and high school buddy Glen Bell, opened their own hamburger stand on the outskirts of San Bernardino which eventually became Taco Bell (so that's where the Bell comes from).



    Benjamin A. Kramer died June 4th. He and his brother Sidney started a mini-chain of three Pickle Barrels in the Chicago area, with the best-known being at Old Town in Chicago. If memory serves me, they were among the first, if not the first, to put out pickles and peanuts on the tables and you got to throw the shells on the floor. I really thought that was neat.

  9. The June 1st Orange County register had an excellent article baout the old road titles "Historic Highway 101 in San Diego" by Gary A. Warner.


    He described I-5 as being "like a huge back alley" and "Today, the monotony is out on the 5."


    He gave a tour with interesting places to see in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia (which he describes as having a "coastal funkiness"), Encinitis, and Cardiff-By-the-Sea.


    Sure made me want to hit the road in that area.




    Keep on Down that Coastal Road. --RoadDog



  10. An article in the June 2nd Seattle Times says the good folks in Needles, Ca., are just angry enough at slights from the state and San Bernardino County (they're 220 miles from the county seat, how'd you like to pay a ticket there), that they are considering seceding and joining Arizona or Nevada where the grass is greener.


    Should they or should they not?


    I kind of support them, but then I'm a rebel and secession is sort of in my blood.


    Maybe someone could get he url and post it so you can read the article.



  11. Carlinville's the mother lode but Sears houses pop up everywhere.

    Oops. I intended to include this - http://www.roadhouse66.com/ - to help in locating "Images..." and it's available at many businesses along Route 66, too.



    I see that Berwyn is getting ready to tear down a Sears House. First the Spindle, now this.


    Looking forward to getting a copy of David's new book at Litchfield. See you there.

  12. An article in the June 1 Chicago Sun-Times (no author indicated) "Jackson, Ms.: Singing the Blues."


    This was about the new Blues Trail with more than 40 markers up and a hundred more planned before they finish. The author went in search of as many as he could find of the forty existing ones.


    They stretch from Tunica in the north to Gulfport where #24 marks WJZD, the first black-owned radio station in along the Gulf Coast. It even has one for Elvis. Number 36 in Natchez commemorates the 1940 fire at the Rhythm Club that killed over 200.


    Something else to see if you can afford the gas. www.msbluestrail.org





    I don't know how many of you are blues fans such as me, but Chicago is hosting the 25th annual Blues Festival this weekend, June 5-8 at Grant Park (Route 66). It's FREE!!! Something you rarely see in Chi-Town.


    Featured performers

    5th- Johnny Winter

    6th-- Koko Taylor, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater

    7th-- Buckwheat Zydeco, Lil' Ed & Blues Imperials

    8th-- BB KING!!!


    Lots and lots of others at the various stages.




    Tonight, the voice of Chicago Blues, Tom Marker, will feature artists playing at the festival on his Bluesbreakers program on WXRT from 9-10 pm CDT. It streams live at www.wxrt.com.


    It is based on the Civil War Trails markers in Virginia, NC, and Maryland.

  13. My first new car was a 1973 green Ford Pinto. It got me through the gas crunch of 1973 and I had to drive about 40 miles to get to work back then.


    Exceptinally poor mechanically though. The reason I got rid of it.


    Paid the princely sum of $2200 for it. My teaching job racked in the even more princely sum of $7900.

  14. Gas here vaulted over the $4 mark yesterday. Big Oil gets what they want.


    Gas here in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin is $4.10 (that's 4.09.9). The lowest I saw was $4.06 and most was $4.15.


    Thanks a lot Big Oil.


    I think they've pushed it as far as they dare and should see prices falling in the next several weeks and, who knows, perhaps back to the "bargain" $3 mark by election time.


    At least they're not still putting up $3.99.9 and acting like that is not $4.


    Gettin' Poorer Every Fill Up. --RoadDog

  15. In case you've missed it, The National Trust for Historical Preservation has released its 2008 list of eleven most-threatened sites including Boyd Theater, Charity Hospital, Great Falls Portage, Hangar One, Lower East Side, Michigan Avenue Streetwall, Peace Bridge Neighborhood, Statler Hilton, Sumner Elementary School, and Vizcaya. All sites to see. www.preservationnation.org.




    Also, I see that Nevada has their own 11 most-endangered sites. Of course, we all know that Las Vegas cares little of its historic significance (other than the neon museum).


    I haven't really gone into it, but a quick look finds it to be interesting.




    Just Thought You'd Be Interested. --RoadDog

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