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  1. Know thy enemy --- but just barely.


    There were three rounds of five questions each and untallied rounds of 23/12 ounces each. The questions were on the interstate system. The ounces were of Amber Bock. I barely reached my "don't be embarrassed" goal of five digits on the questions: 10096. Details on the Amber Bock score will not be published.



    I played it and was embarrassed at how much I didn't know. I ended up with about 9300 out of 15,000. Those were some hard questions. I think some of those other scores in the top twenty might have been that high because they had already seen the questions. The only easy question was the president who got it going.


    I also got the last one about where I-40 and I-25 cross. Of the five cities listed, only Albuquerque was on I-40. I haven't been there yet, but know that 40 runs along side US66 through there. That's getting an answer the roundabout way.


    I recorded the questions and answers on a dictaphone and if I can hear it (it was loud at Hello Folks in Fox Lake, Illinois), I'll write down the questions and answers so others can take it.


    I had more than a few ouncers myself, both there and out boating earlier in the day.


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  2. The Chicago Tribune has been running a series of articles this week on a subject near and dear to our hearts, the roadtrip. I find that this paper is really a great source of old road-related articles.


    Topics are:


    Monday- Guilt-free roadtrip

    Tuesday- On the road-The Station Wagon Trail

    Wednesday- Postcards home-Wish You Were Here

    Thursday- Along the Way

    Friday- Looking Back


    It is written by Tribune senior correspondent Charles LeRoux.


    Tuesday's started off with the question "Have you ever slept in a teepee?" and discussed motels parks, tourist traps, and a lot about Route 66.


    Wednesday's article was about postcards and had an emphasis on the world-renowned Curt Teich Postcard Archives here in Lake County, Illinois. The Curt Teich Company was a major player in postcards from 1898 until it closed in the 70s. They made it a habit to always keep 15 of every postcard they made. There are over 380,000 postcards, not counting duplicates.


    You can view the series by going to www.chicagotribune.com and searching under Chris Leroux.


    They are also requesting for readers to send in their memories of both past and present roadtrips to



    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  3. Mark your calendars for August 25th through the 27th as Dekalb will be hosting its annual Cornfest and Rochelle will have its Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival.


    Dekalb is about 20 miles east of Rochelle and both are on the original Lincoln Highway. Part of L-H down Dekalb's main street will be closed for those days, a great way to walk on the highway and not get run over.


    Both festivals will feature rides, food, music, and other activities. Both will have old car shows.

    The main act in Dekalb will be Survivor, of Rocky/Eye of the Tiger fame. Also there will be a free corn roast Saturday from 11 AM to 2 along with bus tours of the community.


    Additionally, Rochelle will have a parade, an old tractor/truck show and a fly-in of vintage planes.


    We're going to try to split our time between the two. Too bad they can't have it on different weeks.


    For more info:


    Dekalb- www.cornfest.com


    Rochelle- www.lincolnhighwayheritagefestival.com


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  4. And that is still a great organization. I just joined a few months ago.






    Since I no longer have my email signature from Outlook, my daily update of Auto History does not appear with my signature. I thought some might find this interesting:

    President Woodrow Wilson, a strong supporter of improved roads, purchases Membership Certificate No. 1 in the Lincoln Highway Association

  5. This Friday, NTN/Buzztime will be having a topix game at 7 PM Central Time on the interstates. Now, I know we're not supposed to be overly fond of those creatures, but we've all taken them, especially before we found out.


    If you're not familiar with NTN, it is like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. There will be 15 questions in groups of three. The faster you answer, the more points you will be getting. You are not only playing those people in the bar, but about 9000 others playing at 3000 places across the US and Canada. Even better, it's free.


    You can find a site near you by going to the website.


    I'll let you know how I did. Hopefully some of the rest of you will also be able to play and we'll compare notes.


    I have heard that one Wednesday, during their Passport game where there is a hour's worth of questions on a travel destination, that they did it on Route 66. I really would have liked to play that one.


    My wife and I always stop and play at NTN sites while travelling those old roads.


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  6. The August 4th Frazz continued on the same vein. Today, Frazz was having a discussion with another teacher.


    Frazz: You know what I'd have liked? Vacationing before the interstate went in. Eating at little roadside diners shaped like teapots and stuff. (Picture of a teapot diner here.)


    Other teacher: Because nothing improves a vacation like acid reflux.


    Frazz: They didn't have acid reflux back then.


    OT: Okay.


    Frazz: There weren't those fancy prescription drugs, so we didn't need it.


    Whoever writes this strip sure has some good ideas.

  7. It looks like Abbott's is somewhat regional to that area. Interesting, one of their location listings says Abbott's / Culver's. We have Culver's here in Indianapolis now, which I believe are a newer addition to this area. Ritter's Frozen Custard is a big mainstay here, but there are more and more Culver's popping up, and they are good (despite being a chain!).


    When I lived in Romeoville, Illinois, I did support a very small frozen custard place called P.C. Heffer's. We went there all the time! Unfortunately, they closed down. :( Now I think there's a Culver's, but P.C. Heffer's closed before they came in.



    Culvers is a very fast growing chain. I believe it started in Wisconsin and we have a lot of them here in Illinois. If you see one, stop in and try their fare. I especially like their Butterburgers and ice cream treats.

  8. We spent many fun nights out at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. It dates back to the 50s and is a victim of the current lust for beachfront property.


    Right by it is The Bowery, a real classic. It dates back to the 1940s and is THE place to go if you want to see and hear really great country music. The house band plays six nights a week and do not receive any pay except for what is collected in tips. Forget having a waiter come to your table. They use hand signals to take your order. I've seen them with six and seven mugs in each hand. The last time there, they only sold beer.


    One other thing, this is where Alabama really cut their teeth. That is one of my all-time favorite bands. If you can only rely on tips, you'd better be good. Hopefully, the Bowery won't go dark this fall.


    One other thing about Myrtle Beach. The last time we were there, we got kicked out of the Bowery at 11:45 and we hadn't even done anything wrong. Myrtle Beach is a blue law place, and absolutely no alcohol can be sold on Sunday. The first time we went there it was on a Sunday and we couldn't figure out why all the bars were closed.


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

  9. Hello "RoadDog" and all members of this FORUM:


    We have a large Route 6 wall map here in the office and it would be great if each person would provide the name of the state and town that they live in. We would stick a pin in the map, this would give us an idea of the coverage we are receiving on the FORUM. This would also give me a better idea of how to respond to questions, i.e. :-)


    Russ L.

    Hello "RoadDog" and all members of this FORUM:


    We have a large Route 6 wall map here in the office and it would be great if each person would provide the name of the state and town that they live in. We would stick a pin in the map, this would give us an idea of the coverage we are receiving on the FORUM. This would also give me a better idea of how to respond to questions, i.e. :-)


    Russ L.



    I live in Spring Grove, Illinois, about 35 miles north of US-6. Put me ON the map.


    Even though I'm a member of the SCV, I can respect the GAR name.

  10. Every so often, while perusing my favorite part of the newspaper, ie: the Comics, I come across a great comic strip pertaining to road travel.


    This past week, August 3rd , 2006, the comic strip called Frazz was about the interstates. Frazz is the custodian at an elementary school.


    Wednesday's went:


    Frazz: I bet I'd have liked a booster seat when I was a kid.


    Kid: You can't move.


    Frazz: But you can see out the window.


    Kid: Two words. Interstate.


    Frazz: Interstate isn't two words.


    Kid: Okay, three

    1) Boring

    2) As

    3) H......


    Frazz: Careful, now.


    Ya thinks the kid has it?


    This would be a good place to keep track of those really funny road strips. If you come across one, let us all know. Also, is it possible to cut and paste here?


    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. RoadDog

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