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  1. I'm not actually sure how Becky does the newsletter. It would probably be preferable to keep the newsletter within a post, rather than as an attachment. I can check on how to compose a document offline, and then copy and paste it into a post. Until then, the attachment option is viable, and it seems we have space available. I'm not sure how or where that number gets set, but a simple html file shouldn't be too much of a space hog for now.


    Any other insights or solutions you might have on this issue (if any) are most welcome Denny!





    Just replying to the note about how I do the newsletter. First, I compose in MS Word for Mac. Then, I copy and paste. The e-mail version is actually copied and pasted into a special "e-newsletter" feature built into our website (and the technical aspects of it are WAY beyond me).


    Not sure if that helps or not. I'm working on a new e-newsletter today -- so, you'll see another version soon.

  2. I saw information concerning the potential future of the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River (US 99 and formerly Pacific Highway Bridge). I am hopeful that the AMERICAN ROAD FORUM members can muster up some passion to help preserve an important piece of history. I will make reference to this in the Bridges sub-forum as well. Please see my message below about organizing to make sure that historic road preservationists, historians, and enthusiasts opinions are heard.




    We ran an in-depth feature article on the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia in

    AMERICAN ROAD Magazine back in the Winter 2003 issue. We have a special place in

    our hearts for it. The bridge deserves to be preserved in some fashion. The staff at

    AMERICAN ROAD Magazine would be very interested in assisting in efforts to preserve

    it. I know we would be happy to provide comment to the Task Force and to run something

    in AMERICAN ROAD. Perhaps we can come up with a template/form letter than can then be utilized by interested parties to comment to the Task Force. We may also be able to send out a press release

    emphasizing the importance of preserving our history for generations to come.



    Becky Repp

    General Manager

    AMERICAN ROAD Magazine


    cell: 206-369-5782


    Some additional articles about the bridge's history: http://www.oregonlive.com/search/index.ssf...115942300532496




    www.oregonlive.com and search for "Interstate Bridge" for the article dated Thursday September 28th.


    Opinions may be expressed at:


    > http://www.columbiarivercrossing.org/.

  3. I received this in an e-mail today and thought it was interesting:


    New Florida Discovery Bicycling Center

    On November 12 the new Florida Discovery Bicycling Center in Lake Helen will

    roll out its inaugural training and touring program - the first of its kind in

    Florida. The FDBC's first five-night, six-day program will begin November 12

    with a full day of cycle training by League of American Bicyclists-certified

    safe cycling instructors. The remainder of the program will include a schedule

    of daytime tours with stops for wildlife sightings, historical briefs and

    nature explorations along the scenic St. Johns River.


    Local events and entertainment, such as storytellers and musicians, will be

    incorporated with tours seasonally. In the evenings, riders will enjoy dinner

    at area restaurants and private homes before retiring to The Cassadaga Hotel, a

    1929 country inn and home base for the tours.


    Sponsored by the Florida Bicycle Association, the River of Lakes

    Heritage Corridor, and the City of Lake Helen, the FDBC is intended to create a

    hub of outdoor recreational touring while helping adults cycle more safely on

    Florida's roads.


    Visit www.floridabicycle.org/discovery, or call 386-228-2121 for further


  4. Hello all. I'm back home from having back surgery. I can only sit 30 minutes at a time 4x/day. Other than that it's stand or lie down!


    I wanted to let you all know to check out the new AMERICAN ROAD TRIP SWEEPSTAKES on our website. Anyone who subscribes between Sept 1, 2006 and Oct 31, 2006 is automatically entered. There is no purchase necessary to enter -- and instructions are provided on the AMERICAN ROAD TRIP SWEEPSTAKES page. We also announced the winner of the last AMERICAN ROAD TRIP SWEEPSTAKES on our Road News page.


    Check it out . . . you never know, you may be the next winner!


    Happy travels,

    Becky Repp

  5. Greetings. AMERICAN ROAD MAGAZINE staff would like to hear about some of your camping habits. We would also like to hear any topics of specific interest that we might cover in our Road News Page on our website. If you have any suggestions, thoughts, ideas pertaining to topics we might cover related to camping- please post a message in this section.


    We appreciate you taking a few moments of your time to respond to this poll!



    Becky Repp

  6. Thanks Becky,

    The package arrived in great condition. I am looking forward to a few free hours to watch these on one of the new basement toys: the 50" plasma HD TV. When I am not out on the road, I am playing in the basement.



    Glad the package arrived safely. Hope you enjoy it!

    :D Becky





    Package arrived safely - and answered a mystery at the same time. A while back I recieved a package (and at my age I can't remember what it was now) bearing an address I didn't know. I had no idea where it came from or who sent it as there was just a return address and no names, so I returned it. Now I know that first package, from Mt. Clements (sp??), MI, came from American Road, as the DVD's came from the same address.



    Alex Burr


    Hi Alex,


    Glad it arrived. I wondered why the package came back. If memory serves it was a photography book. I think I forgot to send you an e-mail explaining what it was. It was sent as a 'consolation' prize actually. You provided the most entertaining answer (and the correct one) to one of our trivia contests. Even though you weren't the correct respondent, we at American Road, thought your answer was very creative and deserved a little something extra, too! I can resend it if you like.


  7. how come I'm not able to get notifications in my email box when someone replies here..?



    Did you get your control panel set up so you can receive notifications with the info that Pat gave you? Or do you need additional assistance. Let us know, Pat, Jennifer or I are happy to help.




  8. Greetings everyone. Just a reminder that today - August 31 - is the last day to enter the AMERICAN ROAD TRIP SWEEPSTAKES sponsored by AmericInn and Explore Minnesota Tourism. If you subscribed to American Road Magazine between July 1 and today - you are automatically entered. Otherwise, you may enter to win (no purchase necessary). Instructions are provided on the following page:




    Best of Luck!


  9. There's (at least) one of those signs here in Indy, and I have had the misfortune of seeing it every day this week, when I have taken my daughter to work. It has a goofy yellow creature on it that says "I Pooted." Simply hilarious. :huh: The only thing worse than the billboards are the television commercials. There's one I saw that was so immensely annoying I had to mute the TV immediately!


    For leisure travel, you can't beat two lanes, but in this case it's way faster for me to to take the 20 mile drive via the Evil-I, since it's half the time as the city route...and to my dismay, she can't get her driver's license until October 1! Painful. :(



    I've heard of others seeing the same sign you are plagued with vieiwing while taking you daughter to work. It is simply amazing to me that someone would PAY to put some of these phrases on a billboard . . .



    The AMERICAN ROAD staff would like to extend a hearty welcome to all the new subscribers and AMERICAN ROAD FORUM members! We are thrilled to have more road trip enthusiasts join the growing list of AMERICAN ROAD subscribers and online FORUM Group members.


    We hope you are enjoying the Summer 2006 issue of AMERICAN ROAD. It mailed initially to subscribers in June. The second mailing of the Summer 06 issue mailed the first week of August and should arrive in your mailbox in the next few weeks.


    Exciting happenings at AMERICAN ROAD magazine:


    Through today's World Wide Web, the comprehensive re-designed AMERICAN ROAD MAGAZINE site, makes it even easier to celebrate the two-lane highways of yesteryear, and the joys of driving them today. AMERICANROADMAGAZINE.COM not only offers a snippet or two from the current print issue, but lots of up-to-date travel tips, a festival and events calendar, fun and laughs from the American Road podcast program, and an interactive forum where visitors can discuss topics, share stories, and post pictures of road trips.


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    Tonopah, Nevada. To meet the ever growing demand for information on rural Nevada, Nevada Silver Trails, a partnership consisting of the Nevada Commission on Tourism and 20 rural Nevada communities, announced today that it plans to build the first ever “green powered” tourist information center in the U.S. The theme for this new ‘state of the art’ tourist information center is “Land of Sunsets, Silver and Midnight Stars.” The center, to be open 24/7, will provide useful information to folks traveling through rural Nevada along rural US Hwy. 95.


    All components of the tourist center come as a result of donations from leading corporations that place a premium on energy conservation through the quality of their products. Plans are also underway to add a motorized telescope and viewing deck at the Tonopah Tourist Information Center to take advantage of the “Clearest Night Skies in North America” as designated by several national scientific publications.


    The Tourist Information Center is the eighth in a series of aggressive tourism related projects from Nevada Silver Trails, Inc. which is an all volunteer, non-profit corporation. Nevada Silver Trails, Inc. is comprised of representatives from 20 rural communities along US Hwy. 95 from Lovelock to Indian Springs, Nevada and all points in-between

    Visit http://www. nevadasilvertrails.com and look for even more exciting projects in the future from Nevada Silver Trails.





    The 5th person to respond to me via e-mail with the correct answer to the trivia question below wins a copy of the DVD set “Legendary Muscle Cars.” By Questar. Description: This set packs over 10 hours with more than 70 hot muscle cars—as seen on the Speed Channel. Retail value $49.95.


    Ready, set, go!


    Trivia Question: What is the name of the only ALL female gun-fighting troop in the world?”


    (Hint: You’ll find it in a feature article in the Spring 2006 (Volume 4

    #1) issue of AMERICAN ROAD magazine.)


    *Special thanks to the Questar for sponsoring this AMERICAN ROAD TWO-LANE TRIVIA QUESTION.



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    CALIFORNIA HISTORIC ROUTE 66 ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and enjoyment of Historic Route 66 in California. A quarterly newsletter, ROADSIGNS, includes news on events, preservation issues, history and current Route information in

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    COOL SPRINGS Mobil Station circa 1926 15 miles west of Kingman Arizona on

    old Route 66. History Museum, quality gift shop of art prints, unique gifts, Indian jewelry. Open year round Tuesday-Sunday 9-5PM Museum includes Rolling Stones memorabilia, petroliana, WWII Kingman Airfield, Will Rogers paintings.... check us out....





    CUSHING MANOR INN BED AND BREAKFAST is a luxurious 1872 four-diamond mansion featuring warm hospitality, and English charm. Indulge with a gourmet full breakfast, designer showcase home, 14-foot ceilings, unique butternut woodwork, fresh flowers, antiques, private baths, televisions/vcr, telephones, high speed wireless internet, A/C, quality used book/gift shop, afternoon tea room all in a smoke-free environment. Credit cards are accepted and we have corporate rates. Fine restaurants, museums and over 300 antique dealers are nearby. Our “Cottage” is now dog friendly. Just one block from US 20 and the old Lincoln Highway in South Bend, Ind. http://www.cushingmanorinn.com.




    HOTEL DEALS FROM HOTELS.COM - For more than 15 years hotels.com has been providing travelers great prices on the places you want to stay for both leisure and business travel. Hotels.com makes planning and booking your trip easy through the hotels.com expert lodging website and through certified hotel experts. http://www.kqzyfj.com/d977zy5u14JMKOSQNTJLKONNSQK




    SAVE 15% ON MAPS - advertorial Maps.com is a leading provider of mapping products and solutions to business, education and consumer markets. Use code AUGTM at the checkout. This discount offer expires August 31. http://www.dpbolvw.net/email-2048639-10414021




    NATIONAL HISTORIC ROUTE 66 FEDERATION. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE http://www.national66.org • Find answers to frequently asked questions about Route 66 • Shop for dozens of Route 66 items • Make reservations for Route 66 events • Look through the Route 66 photo and vintage postcard galleries • Join the National Historic Route 66 Federation.




    NEBRASKA offers living history and vast horizons. The land's subtle beauty and diversity draw outdoor enthusiasts. Museums, historical attractions, golf, shopping, and restaurants appeal to all. Settle into lodging ranging from elegant hotels to guest ranches. For a free travel packet, log on to http://www.visitNebraska.org or call 877NEBRASKA.




    http://www.kqzyfj.com/email-2048639-10410788" target="_top



    *Our advertisers and affiliate programs help support the free information provided via americanroadmagazine.com and our e-newsletter. Be sure to tell them you saw them in American Road or at Americanroadmagazine.com.





    Some of our members have expressed concern about not being able to receive e-mail digests with our new Forum. Please know that it is possible to receive e-mail digests. The good news is that you can select exactly which topics you would like to have digests sent to your e-mail. YOU can choose SOME or ALL, it is YOUR preference. Jennifer and Pat, your Forum Hosts have posted technical help to assist you in becoming familiar with the different and fun functions of this new Forum. You will find these helpful instructions under the heading Forum Technical Help. If you experience difficulties, feel free to e-mail jbremer@americanroadmagazine.com, pbremer@americanroadmagazine.com, or myself (becky@americanroadmagazine.com).





    (Angels Camp, Calif.) – Because we see them every day -- like a neighborhood or freeway sign, or hear them in daily conversation, certain words look or sound “familiar,” but we seldom question the etymology, or meanings. We take words and names and their history for granted.


    In Calaveras County, there are plenty of examples, starting with Calaveras. Any clue? It’s a Spanish word meaning skulls, remnants of bones left behind after an Indian war discovered by Captain Gabriel Moraga, the first European to explore what is now the interior valley of California. His journey left an indelible mark on the state, giving Moraga the liberty of naming most major rivers and landmarks, including Modesto and the Calaveras River.


    How did Angels Camp get its name? It is named for shopkeeper Henry Angel of Rhode Island who started a trading post there in 1848.


    How about Stanislaus? No, it’s not the fat guy with the white beard and red cap, rather the River and National Forest in Calaveras County. It’s a corruption of Estanislao, the baptismal name of a mission-educated renegade Native American chief who led a band of Indians in a series of battles against Mexican troops.


    And now, for the double whammy of Calaveras County: Mokelumne Hill. Besides its history, how does one begin to pronounce it? It comes from the Plains Miwok word, “moke,” meaning fishnet, and “umne,” a suffix meaning people of. It’s pronounced: mah CULL ah me. Find out more about Calaveras County at http://www.Gocalaveras.travel.





    Search no more. American Road is the perfect gift that they will enjoy all year long! Order today by calling toll-free 1-877-285-5434, or order on-line (http://www.americanroadmagazine.com). We will send a gift notice—and we can personalize it with a message from you! We also now have GIFT CERTIFICATES

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    “Did you see that sign?” I asked.


    “What sign?” Replied my husband.


    ‘“I’m a Hot Toe Picker.” I said.


    I thought I lost my mind, so did my husband! That sign couldn’t be correct. No one in his or her right mind would put up a sign that says, “I’m a Hot Toe Picker.”


    Two weeks ago the above conversation is exactly what occurred as we passed a billboard while forced to travel a few miles on an Interstate. Perhaps you’ve seen some other signs with weird phrases popping up around the country—like “Look, I have a meat beard.” They are likely from the same advertising source as the sign we saw—the Cartoon Network. I found this out from another roadie who Googled “I’m a Hot Toe Picker” after I queried him if he’d seen the sign (since he lived in the sign’s vicinity).


    It certainly livened up the driving experience while on the Interstate. Thankfully, I haven’t seen these signs—or heard reports that these signs—are on America’s two-lanes, yet. Another good reason to keep exploring America’s back roads!





    We welcome your correspondence and questions. Have you paid a recent visit to one or more of the places mentioned in a previous issue of AMERICAN ROAD? We want to hear about it. We love receiving your cards, letters and e-mails. You may send us a letter or e-mail. Send letters via US mail to:


    American Road

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    You may send e-mails to becky@americanroadmagazine.com.


    (Letters and e-mail may be published in an upcoming issue of AMERICAN ROAD and may be edited for style and available space.)





    Let us know. We review reader input when planning our feature schedule.





    They help make AMERICAN ROAD possible. When you patronize them be sure to tell them you saw them in AMERICAN ROAD.


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    Request for Advertiser Information


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    q Aberdeen CVB, S. Dak. 800-645-3851 http://www.aberdeencvb.com

    q Albuquerque International Balloon Museum 505-768-6020 http://www.balloonmuseum.com

    q Alton, Ill. 800-ALTON-IL http://www.visitalton.com

    q American Sign Museum 513-258-4020 http://www.signmuseum.org

    q AmericInn 800-634-3444 http://www.americinn.com

    q Belloit, Wisc. 800-4-BELOIT http://www.visitbeloit.com

    q Clark's Valero Travel Center 760-342-4776 http://www.clarkstravelcenter.com

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    q Countryside, Ill. http://www.gocountryside.net

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    q DeKalb County, Ind. 877-833-3282 http://www.dekalbcvb.org

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  11. Hi Scott,


    Very cool! Be sure to take pics and write us a letter for AR.


    Check out this site - http://www.northtoalaska.com/Map.aspx - it might be helpful for planning your trip.


    I'm sad to say I've not driven all the way there, myself. However, I've been to Ketchikan (just did an article on it in the Summer 06 issue of AR - if your planning on stopping there - you might want to check it out).


    If you're planning on stopping in Ketchikan I can send you some additional links that might be useful to you.


    :D Becky



    Looking to Drive all the way up there :)
  12. Hello, my names Scott and have been a reader of this magazine for a few years.

    I'm about to finish school in 2 weeks and am looking at a good road trip to wind me down for a week or two. I'm thinking Alaska, i've driven through the majority of our country and figure this may be one of the only chances I have to get that far North.

    I'm looking for any info possible some of you may have.

    Thanks in Advance!


    Hi Scott,


    Are you planning on driving all the way? or do you want to travel the inland passage (you can go on the ferry from Seattle up to Alaska -- I've talked with folks that have taken their tents and "camped" on the decks of the ferry! There are some different options depending upon what you want to do. :)



  13. Can I receive an e-mail digest?


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  14. For those of you familiar with the 40 foot tall clock atop the Colgate-Palmolive plant in Clarksville, IN along the Ohio River, it looks like it's staying put. C-P announced a few months ago they were moving operations to a plant in Tennessee and wanted to take the clock with them. However, C-P said they realize it's a strong community symbol in the Clarksville/Louisville area and chose to leave it. The clock was placed on this year's Top 10 Endangered list by Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. For those of you crossing over the Ohio River northbound on US 31 will know what an impressive sight the clock is, especially at night. Here's an article from the Indy Star:



    and here is a good night shot:



    and a day shot:

    Colgate Clock


    Hat's off to Clarksville, IN and C-P! Thanks for the good news Pat.

  15. Contest -- Capture the OST


    Describe your favorite section, landmark or memory of the OST or old US 80 or 90.


    We will send a Drive the OST T-shirt to the person who best captures the idiosyncratic qualities of the highway.


    Contest ends August 31, 2006.



    Hi Kris and John,


    I'm going to have to think about that one - there's so much. But, I bet I'm not eligible to win the contest anyway!


  16. Okay,




    I have been on for about an hour now, and do like the forum. Interesting forum


    format for sure, better than the few others I am on.




    I like the pictures and fun stuff like the icons, okay so I am a kid at heart.




    Thanks to Denny - Nice pic DG, Pat and Jen, and Becky for the words of wisdom


    and help.




    Have a great weekend, Group.




    66 Willy



    Hi there!


    We are glad you made it and that you are enjoying the fun features that the Forum has. If you know anyone else having trouble getting into the Forum - please let them know that Pat, Jennifer or I can assist them.


    :D Becky

  17. Russ,

    Does your group have a web site? This is one of many routes on our projected vacation schedule. Thanks.


    US 6 actually intersects an old named auto trail called the Blue Valley Drive in Iowa (a feature article is coming out in our Autumn issue about it). There is a new transportation museum on Iowa US 6 in Grinnell. Also, US 6 through the mountains on the eastern side of Utah is a great drive with some fun stops. And, of course US 6 shares some of Nevada US 50 before it gets to Ely. You might want to check out the Feature article about US 6 in the Summer 05 issue of AMERICAN ROAD. Joe Hurley - who walked the entire length of US 6 - wrote the piece and lists a number of great places to visit.


    Happy travels!

    Becky Repp


  18. I will be heading to my first ever visit to New Mexico in October since my son will be stationed at Kirkland AFB. I want to do side trips to Sante Fe, as well as visit the Unser Racing Museum and the Albuquerque Balloon Festival while we are there for a week. Any other suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.



    Hi - I would highly recommend going to the renovated KIMO Theatre. It is absolutely beautiful. You might want to see if they will be showing any classic movies during your visit.



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