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  1. Hi Michelle, We're actually publishing Joe Hurley's book on Route 6 this year. Looks like US 6 is becoming quite popular! Safe travels! Becky
  2. Thanks everyone for understanding the need to disable the comment and rating feature for guests. We didn't want to take that step - however, deemed it necessary given today's inappropriate comments on the Forum. As Jennifer said, guests may view and search, but, they cannot actively participate in gallery or Forum discussion. For the legitimate guests who have been visiting the Forum - please continue to pay us a visit. And, we welcome you to join as a Forum Member so that you may engage in all of the fun and benefits of being an American Road Forum member. Pleasant and safe road (and cyberspace) travels to you all! Becky
  3. We encountered a problem this morning w/ two guests posting SPAM to one of our member's photo gallery. As a result - we are removing some of the guest privileges related to viewing images. They should still be able to see them and search. However, rating and commenting on images has been removed as a guest privilege. I am open to discussion on this -- but, sadly, think that we do need to take these measures to protect the Forum from further SPAM attacks. We have banned the IP addresses of the individuals responsible for the SPAM. And, we are working on removing the comments from the gallery. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Best, Becky
  4. Babe lost his head?! Terrible news. We did an article on Trees of Mystery in American Road a while back. We've been there a few times. I know it is one of our favorite roadside attractions.
  5. Quick update: We've increased security to the section of our site that houses our newsletter database and the newsletter program. Our webmaster & I have a meeting tomorrow morning with our hosting company to discuss this. Thanks everyone for your input, patience, and understanding!
  6. Thanks for your understanding! Computers are great - when they work correctly! Becky
  7. Greetings. I just opened my mail box to find multiple newsletters sent from our account. However, it was not sent by us. I do not know how these messages were sent. I am working with our webmaster to find out exactly what happened. You have our apologies for this inconvenience. We are working to correct this problem immediately. Sincerely, Becky Repp, General Manger becky@americanroadmagazine.com
  8. Hi Michele, Welcome aboard! And, welcome to all the rest of the new Forum members. I apologize for not posting for a while -- it's been really busy in the American Road offices. US 6: A few tips - Be sure to contact the US Route 6 Tourist Association. There is a link to them on our Resources page: http://www.americanroadmagazine.com/resources/resources.html Also, Joe Hurley, a contributing editor to American Road magazine, writes a regular column for us on US Route 6. Additionally, a few years ago, Joe and the photographer who accompanied him on his cross-country walk on US Route 6, did an overview article on US Route 6 (I believe it was in our Summer 2005 issue). You may find the articles useful in helping plan your trip. There is an electronic index of all of our back issues created by American Road subscriber and Forum Member Rick Etchells. Personally, I've been on some great stretches of US 6 (and some bypassed alignments of US 6) in Utah and Nevada. I highly recommend them! Take care and safe travels! Becky
  9. I would say my most treacherous trip was coming home from Cinci a few years ago. It was two days before Christmas and I heard that snow was forecast (ALLOT of snow). If I didn't leave right away, I wasn't going to make it home for the holiday. I started home, and snow had already started to fly. Eight inches came down by the time I hit Dayton. People were going under 15 miles an hour on I-75. People trying to pull off the road - all ended up in the ditch. The wiper blades kept icing up and I had to periodically grab the blades (while driving) and snap them so that they would keep working. I was really glad when I FINALLY got to Toledo and the snow had let up (some 8 hours later). It was also my first time driving in snow in more than 13 years! Needless to say, I was pretty stressed out. Becky
  10. I TOTALLY agree! b It appears that L' American Rue Brew won the contest! Congrats.
  11. Here's the link to vote for your favorite nomination to name that French Roast coffee! http://americanroadmagazine.com/forum/inde...p?showtopic=720
  12. Hi there! All these are awesome nominations! I've received a few other's today via email: Journey Java Grinding out the Miles Dashboard Delight Backroad Buzz Joe to Go Good to the Last Stop Good to the Last Mile Bean There Done That I think that we're going to have a very difficult vote ahead of us.
  13. Let's have our vote start this weekend - Saturday and run through Sunday. I'm going to send out an email via our enewsletter system to invite additional nominations. Get ready!
  14. This email (posted below) just came in from the second platoon to whom we sent packages. I confess, I got teary-eyed reading it. I am still overwhelmed by everyone's generosity - making it possible for us to send the packages. Thank you! Becky Mrs Becky Repp, I am 1SG Sua Peni M of Charlie Battery, SFC(P) Perez 1SG, I am humbled by you and your organization's generosity and support to our Soldiers. Our Soldiers enjoyed and appreciated every package and gift you sent us during X-mass and Holiday, it has helped our young Soldiers fill the void during these trying times. It is citizens and organizations like your's that have definitley boosted our morale and make this deployment a little easier for our Soldiers. If you could send us your mailing address, we seems to have forgot to save it with all the excitment opening our packages. Again, thank you for all your prayers and support. God Bless and God Bless America. Sua Peni Mene 1SG, USA Charlie Battery, Fires Squadron 2SCR
  15. Hee, hee, hee! I like that, attire. . . Actually, I got coffee mugs that he had specially made with artist renderings of my dachshund puppies! (We had to buy the tires earlier in the year.) Now I can drink "liquid asphalt" or "American Roadhouse blend" java in style! Happy New Year everyone! Becky
  16. I'm going to hold off on the vote for this one more week - as the holidays are still upon us. I don't know about you - but, we've had so many holiday functions to attend our heads are spinning! Be safe and have a Happy New Year everyone!
  17. This just in from one of the platoons: "Ms. Repp, I would like to Thank You and all the people that supported us with gifts and packages I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Thank You." Sincerely Sergeant First Class Richard Perez I've attached the photo that he sent of his platoon, too. Thanks everyone! Your support for this project made a difference to these soldiers serving their country.
  18. You guys are being VERY creative. I love it! Keep those ideas comin'!
  19. Greetings everyone. In order to ensure that folks have an opportunity to submit nominations for this coffee - we are going to open up the nominating process today. We'll hold the vote next Saturday - since it is a holiday week. That way, hopefully, there will be sufficient time for everyone to submit their nomination. You may post your nominations here or email them to me at becky@americanroadmagazine.com. Best wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday!
  20. Greetings! It's time to name that American Road Espresso! Please cast your vote for the name of the new American Road Espresso. If you don't see a name that you like, we enourage you to make a nomination. We will add your nomination to the voting options. The person who nominates the winning entry wins one pound of American Road Espresso. Voting ends Sunday (December 16, 2007) at midnight. Have fun!
  21. Hi gang, Your nominations have been added to the new name the American Road Espresso poll. Be sure to vote!
  22. It appears that the name American Roadhouse Coffee is the winning name for our house blend. Now that everyone is in the coffee naming spirit - you may start sending in your nominations for our espresso. We have two already: Liquid Asphalt Pony Espresso Let the naming begin!
  23. Great minds must think alike! We are now offering an extended line of coffees. MANY flavors (Hazelnut, Mocha, etc.) and many varieties (French Roast, Brazilian, Espresso, etc.). Hot chocolate and tea is also available! Our next vote is going to be held this upcoming weekend to name our American Road Espresso.
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