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  1. Greetings!


    It's time to name that American Road Espresso! Please cast your vote for the name of the new American Road Espresso. If you don't see a name that you like, we enourage you to make a nomination. We will add your nomination to the voting options. The person who nominates the winning entry wins one pound of American Road Espresso.


    Voting ends Sunday (December 16, 2007) at midnight.


    Have fun!


    High Octane

    I also like High Test Brew, suggested earlier.

  2. Dave,

    I was stationed in San Antonio many years ago and enjoyed the Little Red Barn steak house.

    Returned for a visit about 5 years ago and it was still there, but had expanded. Food was still good.

    Sorry, I can't remember where the heck it is, except it is near a freeway off ramp. Last time I found it by searching on the internet.

    There are also some good restaurants along the Riverwalk, since you are staying downtown. Some of them can be expensive.


    John Peters

    Virginia Beach, Va.


  3. [font=Aria :D l Black]

    Absolutely concur. Our local antique car club took a weekend jaunt from Hampton Roads, Va. through the Shenandoah Valley, nearly 500 miles and none of it on the interstate. It was a great, leisurely trip with some beautiful scenery. Let the trucks have the interstates and save the two lane roads for me.

  4. I saw this website mentioned on MSNBC.com a couple weeks ago, and found the concept interesting.



    A twin brother and sister hit the road in search of personal stories. They didn't have to go far. They encountered so many, that they decided to take submissions from readers around the world.


    While their interest is in personal stories, certainly their travels along the roads of the U.S. may be of interest to American Road readers.

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