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  1. A few years ago, the wife and I had the opportunity to ride our Harleys along about 100 miles of RT 6 in NW PA. Herr family lives about 30 miles south of Erie PA. and we took a day to ride while we were visiting. We also took a side trip along PA RT 666. Which was 30 miles of bad road, especially on the bikes. But Route 6 is some beautiful riding.

  2. From Wikipedia Holiday Inn page, concerning the sign" It was introduced by Kemmons Wilson when he opened his first motel on August 1, 1952. The signs were extremely large and eye-catching, but were expensive to construct and operate. The sign, including the famous script logo, was originally designed by Memphis, Tennessee, artist, James A. Anderson, Sr., a commercial artist who later became known for his oil paintings of Mexico and the American southwest. The manufacturers of the sign were members of the Balton family, whose ancestor D.F. Balton founded Balton & Sons in Memphis in 1875. The story goes that the sign’s colors were selected because they were favorites of Wilson’s mother. The popularity of the sign led to many clones being produced, some of which remain to this day."

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