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    Us 50 In Eastern Illinois

    You know, I knew I had seen this bridge before, but couldn't remember when. Now I recall...we changed up things on a Route 66 trip to Missouri in '06 and took US 50 from Vincennes, IN and encountered these bridges. Here's our contribution:
  2. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    I'll verify who all's coming this way before I announce any meeting times. I know Roaddog wants to see Carl Fisher...well, at least where he's resting. There are a few other notable tombs at Crown Hill that we'll check out while we're there. If RD's not been to the speedway, I'm going to drag him there whether he likes it or not. It's a place everyone needs to see once in their life...whether they know it or not. I'm planning on taking off that whole day, so I'll be flexible on when to kick things off. Alex has been rather quiet....I reckon he needs a little nudge. Memphis isn't *that* far for a retiree.
  3. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    Greetings folks... Just wanted to add some more info. This is somewhat of the latest schedule that weekend, complete with a few more links for potential stops. Depending on attending parties, there may be a cruise along the entire eastern half of the National Road/US 40 from Indianapolis to Richmond led by your's truly on Friday the 24th for those of you coming in from the west. Friday night lodging would be at the Golden Inn Motel just across the IN/OH border on US 40 in New Paris, OH. It's a classic mom & pop and get's a big thumbs up from Denny: http://www.thegoldeninn.com/ Tentative plans calls for the fun to kick off Saturday morning with a few spots in Richmond, IN, one of which is one of the Madonna of the Trail statues. From Richmond, we make our way into the Buckeye State. We'll roll into Springfield and loosely planning a couple of tours at the Westcott House and the Pennsylvania House: http://www.westcotthouse.org/home.html http://www.pennsylvaniahousemuseum.info/ Also in Springfield, we'll be having lunch at Joe's 40 Grill: http://www.eatatjoes40.com/ We'll then head south out of Springfield on US 68 towards Xenia & pick up US 42, where we'll take an old stage route into Lebanon, OH for our overnight stop at the Shaker Inn Motel: http://www.shakerinnmotel.com/ Dinner plans will be at the historic Golden Lamb Inn Saturday night: http://www.goldenlamb.com Following dinner we'll do what roadies do when they get together: Go somewhere and swap road stories over brew. After breakfast Sunday morning at the Breakfast Club Cafe (http://www.breakfastclubcafe.com/), we'll continue on US 42 into Cincinnati where we'll have an early afternoon tour of the American Sign Museum: http://www.signmuseum.net/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/11019355@N03/...57609877455746/ (my pics from November) http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadtripmemor...57609764986114/ (Jennifer's pics from November) Following the sign museum, it'll be up in the air depending on time. We may break up there, or find a place for lunch and then split up. This whole weekend is a loosely structured event. We're leaving a lot of things open in the event we come up on something unexpected to do. Map of the route is here: http://www.mapquest.com/mq/5-FOlJyJzf6duXsWCCbRzn
  4. roadmaven

    Google Earth Blows My Mind

    Yup, we had fun that afternoon chasing the Google car through our neighborhood. Here's a pic of us in the Jennifer's Toyota as he passed us by.
  5. roadmaven

    Milan Hoosiers

    Actually, Milan would be sorta on the way back home from Cincinnati next month. As Chris mentioned, the main town scenes from the movie were filmed in New Richmond, which I believe is somewhere south of Lafayette. The school in the movie was actually in Ninevah and was replaced with a post office. The gym they played in is still standing and that's in Knightstown, a couple of blocks north of US 40. I've not been in it, but from what I understand, it still looks the same as it did in the movie. If you make it over next month for the cruise and we happen to not go over together, I'll give you directions to the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown. Bobby Plump has a tavern on the north side of Indy in Broad Ripple called "Plump's Last Shot". Never been into the Broad Ripple scene, so can't really tell you how the joint is: Plump's Last Shot We went through Milan last fall while doing a southeast Indiana orchard run:
  6. roadmaven

    (it Is Ok Now) Can't Log In

    Dave, I'm assuming you're on OK *right now*, as I see you online. I've heard this happen. periodically with different folks. I'd try clearing out the cookie and monitor how that works over the next couple of days. Could be a little hiccup?
  7. It was announced today by Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Joie Chitwood that the Brickyard Crossing Inn is closed effective immediately and will be torn down in a matter of months. It's been speculated for some time that this would eventually happen, but not with this short of notice. Actually, this decision must've been kept from even those who run the motel, as a group of Corvair enthusiasts from all over the country had set aside a block of rooms at the Brickyard just a couple of weeks ago for an event here in March. It's a sad day, as this classic, 1960's era motel once housed The Beatles in 1964 and several portions from the 1969 film "Winning" with Paul Newman were filmed there. We had said recently that we were going to stay there (even though it's less than a mile from our house) before they knock it down. Too late. However, Bliss and Denny both stayed there in 2007 during our Cool Roads Cruise, so we'll all live through their tales of slumber. The full article can be read here. The cool sign in the first pic below was replaced sometime in the early 1990's. The 2nd pic is one I took last year. RIP, Brickyard! 1963-2008:
  8. Yep, the same Chitwood tree. I did my own research on him too and found out he went to college in South Florida. I thought with the new AR having the article on the Key Lime route, getting into Room 212 would be money in the bank! Good video of him on YouTube discussing his and his family's involvement with the Thrill Show. He was recognized as one of the "Forty under 40" by the Indianapolis Business Journal a couple of years ago, honoring younger executives around the state. I heard him speak at a Speedway redevelopment meeting a couple of years ago...seems like a likable guy, but has apparently caught on quite well to IMS' habit of saying NO to some things that don't beneifit them. Oops, was that a shot?
  9. And the demolition has begun. Going, going.... Funny, but the guy standing on the second floor is right in front of the Paul Newman/Robert Wagner/Joanne Woodward Room 212. I tried like heck to get in that room to do some then & now shots using movie stills from "Winning". I went so far as to send a plea (and a free copy of American Road) to IMS president Joie Chitwood last month, but to no avail. I got a reply from their PR department saying "Sorry Charlie". At least I can't say I didn't try. And maybe we got a new subscriber out of it.
  10. roadmaven

    The Michigan Road

    How about this place...on the south side of downtown Plymouth near...as I recall...the railroad overpass:
  11. roadmaven

    Gas Prices

    WOW! Tonight in Brownsburg, Indiana:
  12. roadmaven

    Us 40 In Missouri

    And here's our then & now...I was chasing daylight like you wouldn't believe!
  13. roadmaven

    Us 40 In Missouri

    Hi all...greetings from Warrenton, Missouri! I was able to cover a couple of routes on the way back. I started out on US 50 heading out of KC, got bored with the 4-lane divided it offered, so I went north to US 24. Per Denny, I took MO-224 into Lexington to see the Madonna there. Then I took US 24 east, hooked up with US 65, and took it to I-70 east. I then jumped off 70 and picked up US 40 and took it into Boonville. COOL little town. A little Madison, Indiana-esque. And Dave, I did get a pic of the theatre! But stupid me left my cable at the house, so I'm not able to download the pics I took there until after I get home.
  14. roadmaven

    Us 40 In Missouri

    Denny & Dave.... Thanks for the quick suggestions! A scouring of the satellite imagery confirmed there's no water tower to be found. Since I posted my original note, a couple of other possiblities popped up. One would be taking US 24 out of KC and pick up US36/I-72 near the Mississippi River and take it on home. Or another one that looks appealing....and should be easy to follow....would be US 50 out of KC and follow it down to St. Louis. It's somewhat out of the way, but we don't read too much, if anything, about 50. Since it's a cross country route, me thinks there's a good chance there's some good roadside photo opps awaiting. Heck, I might just flip a coin on this trip home!
  15. roadmaven

    Indiana State Road 58

    In these parts, a grove of trees qualifies as a "forest"!
  16. Here is the latest installment in my quest to thumb my nose at winter and get out on the road! Indiana State Road 58
  17. roadmaven

    The Michigan Road

    Great news, Jim! What's the plan of attack for finding contacts from Indy south? Is this going to be more of a lobbying group as opposed to a "Michigan Road Association" with a general membership?
  18. roadmaven

    Washington Dc - National Road Trip

    We've had luck with the Budget Inn Motel in Cambridge, Ohio while on our way to the east coast. It's right on US 22/40. It's a basic little motel with exterior entries...nothing historic or fancy, but a good room at a good price.
  19. roadmaven

    National Trust Conference

    Mark your calendars! According to the latest issue of the Indiana Preservationist (Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana magazine), Indianapolis has been chosen as the site for the 2013 National Trust for Historic Perservation's annual conference. More details on the event can be found here.
  20. Here's the latest in my state highway road log series. This week I cover Indiana State Road 75. The fun begins here!
  21. roadmaven

    Indiana State Road 75

    Thanks for the comments, gents! Mobilene really lit a fire under me after his IN-42 report a while back. It can be a challenge to come up with something interesting to write about from a flat-as-a-pancake, two-lane road through cornfields, but that's where all my reading of Jim Ross, Thomas Repp, and Michael Wallis comes in handy: Adding enough spice to the boring to make it worth eating. Dang, I just did it again. I was sitting at work today thinking about my next report. I think I'm heading down to southern Indiana somewhere to find a road. IN-56 is on my mind, but unless I start it at the crack of dawn, that'd be an overnighter most likely. I might try to find something a little more obscure, but scenic. IN-66 is a GREAT drive. Many options down there and even more that I've never had the pleasure to drive. Have map, will travel!
  22. roadmaven

    Indiana State Road 75

    If you make that run with the kids, wait 'til it's warm out. There's a nice nature park south of North Salem that has a lot trails and various critters running and flying around. Also on the non-75 part of this alignment, there's a cool old drive-in theater near Mechanicsburg on IN-39.
  23. roadmaven

    Anyone Help With An Old Movie?

    First off, As for the movie in question, I first thought it might be "Winning" with Paul Newman, filmed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the late 1960's. However, after watching it recently, it was void of any dirt track scenes. So with that in mind, I'd have to say the movie you're looking for was called "The Big Wheel", starring Mickey Rooney in 1949. I've seen bits & pieces of it before, but never the whole thing. But what I do know of it is that there are dirt track and IMS scenes in it. Here's a link from Internet Movie Database about it: The Big Wheel It appears it's available at ebay and Amazon for a relatively inexpensive price.
  24. roadmaven

    2009 Dozen Distinctive Destinations

    Bill, As an American, I hope someone can answer that question too! I think I'll have to do some research on these cities to find out what the attraction is.