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    U.s. 60 In Missouri

    What's funny about this trip is that we've been through Springfield more times than I could remember....but on 66. This'll be the first time going through Springfield on a different route, so it'll be interesting to see the city from that standpoint. And based on our schedule Friday, we very well may end up staying there, which we've done umpteen times...at the Rest Haven Court Motel on 66. I don't know if my mind could handle staying in Springfield on a different highway and at a different motel. Might be encountering some weird dimensions come Friday!
  2. roadmaven

    This Weekend In Good Old Madison

    The shots of the courthouse sure do hurt. And when you finally get a Hinkleburger, get two....it'll save you from having to place a second order!
  3. roadmaven

    Us 40 In Missouri

    Hi folks....I'm leaving this afternoon for a quick trip to Kansas City for a funeral. I thought on my way back Friday I'd make lemonade out of lemons for this somber trip and take US 40 through Missouri back east. I've not experienced 40 in MO, so any tips, suggestions, etc would be appreciated. Am I wrong in that 40 and I-70 are signed on the same path? And old US 40 is basically frontage road throughout most of the state? I'll have my laptop tonight to check on replies. Thanks in advance for this short-noticed request!
  4. roadmaven

    Us 40 In Missouri

    Without veering too far off topic, I know in the St. Louis area a few years ago they were doing some excavating for a...I believe...Home Depot when they unearthed a bunch of old US highway shields. I know Jim Ross has one of them hanging on the wall of his den of, I believe, a 66 City shield. Perhaps Bliss knows more of this story??
  5. roadmaven

    Near Death Experience At Palouse Falls, Wa

    Awesome pictures, Dave! That trestle is very much like the Tulip Trestle down in southern Indiana:
  6. roadmaven

    Carl Fisher Sighting!

    Well, OK, it wasn't the real Lincoln & Dixie Highway king. But when's the last time an actor portrayed him? Ever? These four gentlemen are portraying the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (left to right): Arthur Newby, Frank Wheeler, Carl Fisher, James Allison. A photo of the real guys (believed to be taken in 1911) is here: They were on hand for the Centennial Era Celebration Balloon Festival's balloon glow tonight at the speedway.
  7. roadmaven

    Making Friends Along The American Road

    Understood! Just have never understood the fascination and how some consider them Route 66 "icons". I guess in simple terms, we don't roll that way. Our instincts were verified by some Route 66 friends who've had not-so-favorable experiences there. And for that reason, any time we hear of anyone going there, we tend to advise against it or else caveat emptor.
  8. roadmaven

    Making Friends Along The American Road

    I would've opted for the monsoon.
  9. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    I must admit Dave, for some reason I had a feeling in my gut that you were coordinating with Denny to show up last weekend. But, I'm glad to hear mom's doing well! I think there'll be an opportunity for a lot more of us to gather in the next year or so.
  10. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    Just a quick note from the Shaker Inn in Lebanon, OH. Have had a great two days cruising the National Road, and US' 40, 68, and 42. We're all cruising out to the Golden Lamb for dinner....wish you all were here!
  11. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    Keep me posted Friday of your progress. Perhaps meeting up at Hoosier Gym could work out in the afternoon. There's a section of National Road that vears off US 40 heading east out of Knightstown.
  12. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    If it helps your schedule at all, I can arrange it to where you can join up with us after we've toured the speedway and the cemetery. As of right now, I'm guesstimating that'd be around noon (ET). Then you can cruise 40 out of Indy with us.
  13. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    My thoughts would be to hit Madonna on Saturday as our "official" launch site, although we'll still have to gather before that so everyone knows how to get there. As for food, I'd give a thumbs up to BBQ on Friday night. Saturday we'd probably lean towards an "on your own" breakfast, as we probably wouldn't eat much in the morning since Joe's is set in stone and we woudn't want to skimp on the intake there, so to speak. Saturday night we'd be open for just about anything. so whether we go to the Golden Lamb or the Golden Arches, it's all fine with us!
  14. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    I don't have the schedule complete yet for Friday, but as of now it looks as if we'll meet for breakfast in the morning...8 or 9...probably at Charlie Brown's on Main Street in Speedway, head to the track for the museum & bus tour (if there's interest), then head to Crown Hill Cemetery, then start working our way down to US 40 from there. I would guess we'd be heading out of Indy around the noon hour. When 4:30 rolls around, I'd guess if we're not in Richmond by then, we'd be fairly close. I plan on a stop in Knightstown, and probably a lunch somewhere in between.
  15. roadmaven

    Money Saving Road Trip Tips

    This may not be feasible for most, but now that we have a lap top computer, we take it along with us and usually make our reservations for lodging from the road. Of course this applies only if we're moving from town to town ever night. A lot of places...coffee shops come to mind...have WiFi that we use to get a connection. Several hotel chains offer "Internet Specials" on rates when reserving online, so we get some savings there. We've also used priceline.com and saved a lot there, but it seems we end up with those extended stay places which I'm not a big fan of. If you can't find a Panera or Starbucks, try your luck in a hotel parking lot! You can sometimes "borrow" their connection to make a reservation. I did that recently in St. Louis when staying at a Comfort Inn. Borrowed their connection from the parking lot, saved 10% by reserving online, walked in the lobby & checked in!
  16. Happy Birthday, Mr. Gibson! And like they say...you're not 62....you're 18 with 44 years experience!
  17. roadmaven

    Atlanta Area Dining/roadside Destinations?

    Jason, We spent a week in Atlanta 5 years ago, so I know there are some places you can try...I just can't recall what they were! I'll nudge Jennifer, as I know she'll remember. But from what I recall, some must eat/see places are: The Varsity: OLD restaurant/drive-in near the GA Tech campus. Usually ends up on those "Top 10 Places to ..... " on the Food Network. Coca Cola World: Might be wrong on the actual name. It's like a museum, gift shop, etc. Worth it! I know they're moved since we were there, but I know it's still in the area. Underground Atlanta: A neat little mall below ground. There was another cool diner that began with a "Z"...I remember we took pics of it. Here are some shots from around that trip: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadtripmemor...57600312503968/ And if you have time, a trip south to Juiliet, GA would be cool. That's where they filmed Fried Green Tomatoes. If you saw the movie, the Whistle Stop Cafe is still open: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadtripmemor...57600311963557/
  18. roadmaven

    Facebook American Road Page

    Just wanted to bring this topic back up top & let everyone know we now have 23 members on our American Road Facebook Fan Page, now including our fearless co-leader, Becky Repp! We're pretty sure Becky's become addictied to Facebook like she is coffee. She's already been busy adding some cool updates & links to the page, so check it out!
  19. roadmaven

    Spring 2009 Cruise

    I made a trek over to Richmond today to get some brochures at the Old National Road Welcome Center. While out there, I stopped by the Golden Inn and made our reservation for 4/24. **NOTE**: Rooms there are going FAST. We got the last non-smoking room. Apparently there's some sort of dog show in the area that weekend. There are still a few rooms left, but RESERVE SOON. However, there are some other motels just a mile or so west on 40, so lodging shouldn't be a big issue. For those making the trek from Indy with us on 40, I've shored up a couple of stops. One of those stops will be the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown. This was the home court for the Hickory Huskers in the 1986 Gene Hackman film "Hoosiers". Another interesting spot is the site of the old Gennett Records studio, where they have a Walk of Fame honoring some of the legends who recorded there. That's the latest update....more to come!
  20. If I see you show up in Richmond, Indiana on April 24th, you get the keys to the forum for that weekend!
  21. Under my plan, you get lifetime deletion for just $29.99...
  22. Thanks Dave....That makes it an Admin function. Now we wait for Guy...
  23. If that's the case, I see that as a flaw with IPB. Members should have the ability to delete their own images. Perhaps we can nudge Becky or Guy in here.
  24. When you're in your gallery and on the picture you want to delete, off to the right you should see a blue box with some stats. Below that there should be a blue button that says "Options?". Click there and you should see a delete option.
  25. roadmaven

    Us 50 In Eastern Illinois

    I'm certain it was concrete. The discoloration actually might've been rust from the bridge itself.