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  1. These few photo's show the DELTA QUEEN on her last visit to Memhis, TN, 30 OCT 2008. I read on-line she'd be tied up at Greenbelt Park, on Mud Island, just north of Memphis. Easy to get to for me since it's only about 3 or 4 miles from where I live.


    I really don't know what I expected - but it surely wasn't spectacular. I thought there'd be a lot of people down to see her - but the only ones there were passengers from the boat. There were a few of them standing in the parking lot of the boat access ramp, where the Queen was tied up, looking rather lost. The attitude was sort of like "Isn't anybody coming by to see us??" I will admit it was 10 in the morning and it is a working day, so maybe there'll be more coming by later today. In any event lack of crowds meant easy photographing and a front row seat.

  2. I was headed for Memphis down that long lonely highway called U S 70 when I took this picture. I got to thinking just like 1958 - two lane blacktop, fast car, 50 gallons of shine in the trunk, 10 cent seegar between the fingers - Lawdy, man, it can't git no better than this.


    But it's 50 years later - got the fast car, got the two lane, ain't got the seegar or the shine either. Oh well can't have it all I guess.