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  1. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    Any Other Road Trip Bloggers Out There?

    I started using a blog for my road trips, but found, instead, a web site that works quite well. My road site is @: http://www.freewebs.com/yankeetraveller/ I don't do much traveling down here in Maine - for one thing there's to much snow in the winter time and to much traffic in the summer. So I've taken to doing day trips out of Memphis while I'm down there in late December and January visiting my daughter. Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  2. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    American Road Yahoo Group Trivia Contest

    Bless you sir. LOL ROF I won't say how old I am - just that it was 1953 when I drove out to CA on 66. Hudsonly, Alex B
  3. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    American Road Yahoo Group Trivia Contest

    Actually, and it just dawned on me, since my birthday is next week (Sept 2nd) I can thank you for a great birthday present!!! Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  4. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    Welcome - Please Introduce Yourself!

    My love affair with the open road started back in the late 1940's when, with my two sisters (both older - so you know that was a trip!!!! LOL) when our parents loaded us up in the family Chrysler (1937) and we made several trips to Ohio to visit friends and relatives. Things like the George Washington Bridge, we crossed, and roads like the Pennsy Turnpike, were wonders to a 10, 11, 12 year old. Back then there was something new over every hill and around every corner - not like today with nationwide franchises where everything seems to be the same. From that I developed an itch to see what down the road a piece - 21½ years in the military (4 in the Navy, 17½ ub the Coast Guard) let me see waaaaaaayyy down the road. Over the years I've driven thru every state east of the Mississippi and most all west as well, lacking only Wisconsin. In '53 a buddy and I celebrated our new found freedom (getting our drivers licenses) with a trip to California (lets see a pair of 15 year old's do THAT today!!!) and back on Routes 20 to the mid-west and 66 to CA up the coast on 101 and 2 and 20 back to New England. One memorable trip occured in 1958 - I was stationed at NAAS Kingsville outside Corpus Christi, TX. One of my buddies had gotten married and his wife was in Portsmouth, NH, and about to come to Texas by bus. Long story short we had a long weekend so drove to NH with two other nitwits and back to Texas - we took 77 and 59 to Houston and 59 up to Carthage, TX, then 79 to Shrevesport, 80 east to U S 11 in MS - then north on 11 to 22 into New York and then on into New England. As I recall we made the run north in 47 hours; 43 or 44 hours coming back. There were no interstates back then, except the Penn Turnpike and the Maine Turnpike - tho construction had started in some areas. But, then there wasn't all that much traffic either. My other interests are, of course, this wonderful computer that keeps me in touch with so many people, many I have never met. I also have a small collection of pre-1950's road maps and AAA and ALA guide books. And, of course, my love of antique cars lead me to the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club back in 1969. Another good friend and I formed the New England Chapter of the Hudson club back in 1971 - and it's still going!!! We are going to host the club's 2008 National meet in MA. I'm currently the editor of our chapter newsletter, the Nor' by NorEast. Safe travels everybody. Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  5. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    American Road Yahoo Group Trivia Contest

    I guess it's true - I'm just an old (old is right) Yankee chatterbox, I guess. Could prove embarassing!! Well, if it is true I'd like, as Dave said, to know how to claim America's Great Road Trips and Scenic Drives, for my collection. Would be something nice to watch when I'm in Memphis Chrimmas coming up with my daughter. Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  6. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    Microsoft Streets & Trips

    I use Streets & Trips almost exclusively. But I back it up with ALA and AAA guide books. For AAA guidebooks I have in my collection Vol. 1, Northeast (Those are easy to find) 1941 editon and Vol II, Western, also 1941 edition. It took me forever to locate a Southeastern AAA tour book - but found a lot of 4 different regional areas on ebay, Southeastern 1939 edition. The rest of my tour guide books include a 1923 Automobile Blue book, Vol. 2, Middle Atlantic and Southeast, ALA Green Books - Vol. 1, 1921 New England States; Vol 1, 1927-1928 New England States, Canada and Trunk Lines West and South; 1932 Road Reference and Tourists Guide All States East of the Mississippi River; and 1933 (same as 1932). The 1927-28, 1932 and 1933 books have a listing for Canadian, State and U S Highways of the time. I also have an Official Touring Guide for Ohio-Indiana-Michigan and the Main Traveled Routes of the Northeaster States and Provinces of Ontario and Quebec published by the Toledo Automobile Club AAA. No date on it, but looking thru it there aren't any route numbers - just the usual directions listed mile by mile, so I'd put it pre-1926. I have a 1930 Motor Trips guide book issued by the Guyde Publishing Company in Hartford, CT, and two other AAA Northeastern Tour books - one issued by the Automobile Club of New York in 1936 and one issued out of Washington by AAA in 1937 (that's as old as I am!!!!) While the pre-1926 guide books are pretty much useless for planning any sort of road trip - I mean, lets face it; the big oak tree you turn left at has been replaced by a condo and the big red barn you turn right at burned down years ago!!! the 1927 up books, particularly the 1930's and 1941 books are very useful in finding the old routes when used in conjuction with mapping programs such as Streets and Trips - I've also used Delormes, but prefer S&T. Everybody have a great day and safe travels. Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  7. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    E-group -> Forum Migration

    Still learning to navagate the new site - but like it, so far. Havn't had much to post, but give it time. LOL Hudsonly, Alex Burr
  8. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    Photo Albums

    I noticed somebody's msg about posting photo albums. I started one with a couple photos from my Arkasas road trip. How do we access these sites?? Hudsonly, Alex B
  9. Alex Burr - hester_nec

    U S 70 over Horseshoe Creek.

    From the album: Arkansas Ramble

    Horseshoe Creek, Hartman, AR See more photos at my YankeeTraveller web site under Arkasas Ramble.