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  1. As Dave says, that's a wonderful itinerary. You must be leaving any minute in order to get it all in and still make the Dream Cruise. :D I know you'll have a blast on Woodward.


    As I'm sure you know, the NFL HoF is actually in Canton which is also home to Canton Classic Car Museum and Motorcar Portfolio. They're within a block of each other and might interest a couple of car guys. I'm curious about where you'll be picking up OH-3 and why you chose it. It's more or less the old 3C Highway so has some history but doesn't quite go to either Canton or Akron.



    Thanks for the suggestions for canton Ohio. We will definitely check these out. Regarding oh-3, Larry read about this route in American road a few years back as the route from cincinatti to Columbus. We are choosing to pick it up north of Columbus rather than drive to cincinatti and drive up from there. I do not have this issue of American road to do any research. Please let us know if it is worthwhile to drive to cincinatti. We are leaving Indianapolis and taking us-36 to oh-3 then up to canton


    Ed Koschka

  2. Hello


    My buddy Larry and I are getting ready for our two for the road adventure 2011. This year we are heading to the northeast after seven years of trips out in the western united states. Our current plans are to leave Indianapolis in his restrorod 57 chevy (57 body on a c5 frame and drivetrain) and drive two lane roads includeing highway 3 in ohio to the Pro Football hall of fame in Akron, then on to the RocknRoll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, a stop by Ralphies house and museum from Christmas Story in Cleveland, then up to Niagara Falls, then down to Watkins Glen to walk the old race track the day after the Nascar race there, then spend more time in the fingerlakes area, then over to cooperstown to the baseball hall of fame, then into the adirondack mountains for a few days of hiking and staying in cabinsm then back to alexandria bay to visit the wooden ship museums, over into quebec to visit the site of one of my favorite TV shows "Dream Car Garage", then back down along lake erie to Detroit to participate in the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise then back to Indiancpolis.


    My question.... does anybody have other points of interest, hotels, hikes, anything else that you wold clasify as a must see in this general area. All ideas are greatly appreciated. The motto of our trips is: "Make Plans..... But Hold Them Loosely!"




    Ed Koschka

  3. Soulsby's Shell Station, Mount Olive IL, Old Route 66

    My buddy Larry Cox and I have taken an annual road trip for the last four years. While we have hundreds of pictures, one stands out in our minds, it was taken just behind a perfectly restored old shell service sation called Soulsby's Shell Service Station located on old Route 66 in Mount Olive IL. The Route 66 trip was our first road trip and we both remember the tree growing up between the ramps that used to be used to service the cars when Route 66 was in its hey day. I have many pictures of the Shell station but the tree growing up in the middle of the ramp has left a lasting memory with Larry and I.


    Hope You enjoy it!


    Ed Koschka

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