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  1. Scott,

    Thanks so much for your expansive and kind comments. It has been my pleasure to visit many of these places through my interviews. Marsha is one precious lady.


    Unfortunately we could not find a picture of the topless mermaid, probably because the incensed matrons of Ainsworth Springs decided that it was an image not destined for posterity let alone their husbands eyes. ;-))


    Thanks again for you comment.


    Foster Braun

  2. Thanks Alex. I would love to do an interview with your for our American Road Trip Talk podcast which you will find under blogs on this site and linked off the homepage. I usually interview people about stories on the magazine but this is a great one inspired BY the magazine.


    Please get back to me through my email if you are interested: fosterbraun@hotmail.com.


    Keep posting and I look forward to the interview.



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