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  1. Finally got a chance to follow up on your good suggestions and visited ebay for old maps. I found several good prospects and I think it'll be fun hunting. Thanks for the help. :)




  2. Over the last week, there has been a fire that burned a significant portion of the Ridge Route Alternate from near Big Oak Flat north to Pyramid Lake. I am unsure of the damage to the roadway, or its roadside material. I will be up there to check it out on October 1st. Hopefully, the 1932 Piru Creek Bridge still has its wooden railing! If anyone is out in that area, please send a report!


    Mike Ballard



    Has anyone visited this area since the fire? If so, please do let us know how this road fared.

  3. I will never forgive myself for tossing out my outdated maps years ago, before I realized how much history I was throwing into the trash. :( Now trying to replace some of them, I haven't a clue where to begin the hunt. Currently, I'm trying to find 1940s and especially 1950s road maps of California and southern California. Anyone able to help a new searcher?



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