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I Come From Strong Women

April 21, 2018

Mothers. Sisters. Aunts. Daughters. Friends. Grandmothers. Who are the strong women in your life? I Come From Strong Women wants to hear their stories. Join Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site to share stories of strong women who inspire from the history of Redcliffe. Most of all, get up and share a story.

If you want to join in (to share or to listen):

1. If you come. To register for the program, either, call 803-827-1473 or email Redcliffe@scprt.com

2. Prepare a story of a woman or women in your life who inspire you. They can be anyone from a distant ancestor to a neighbor. Also, make sure the story is something you can share in 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Find a picture of your strong woman. However, it is not necessary to bring one. If desired, bring a large copy to hold up. In addition, a digital copy on a thumb drive.

4. Tell a friend. Hear their stories of the strong women in their lives as well.
$10 for adults, while, $2 for kids. Since, all money stays within the SC State Park System. Help preserve our natural and cultural resources. As well as, support more programs like this one.

Call 803-827-1473 or email Redcliffe@scprt.com now to register.

Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site
181 Redcliffe Rd
Beech Island, sc 29842 United States
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